• Volunteering in Sao Paulo

    Volunteering in Sao Paulo


    An Unique Opportunity to savour Sao Paulo from two perspectives...


    Volunteering with Sao Paulo, orphans, is a challenging and rewarding experience - combine this with the fact that your volunteering program is based in the Worlds 2nd largest City (largest in the southern hemisphere) and you have an almost unique opportunity to experience a city and help with a project that few will ever embark upon. garotas de programa em são paulo



    Are You Up For This?


    If you can give, love, support and positive direction to boys, girls and babies - from 1 week old to 17 years of age and spend time playing with them, getting them ready for school, helping to cook meals and snacks for them, help them with their homework and such like. If you can act as a mentor, role - model and parent figure for kids, most of whom have never known their natural parents then volunteering in Sao Paulo maybe for you! garotas de programa em são paulo



    About 20 million people live in the Greater Sao Paulo metropolitan area.


    The city and state of Sao Paulo are so economically relevant for the patterns of South America that they are considered a separate region of Brazil when international competitiveness rankings are formulated. Concerts, plays, film festivals, fashion shows, and international sports events, Sao Paulo disputes, with Rio de Janeiro the title of Brazil's capital of culture and sports.


    Sao Paulo Information


    Sao Paulo has an almost unique ethnic diversity, not found anywhere else in the World.


    São Paulo is famous for its varied and sophisticated gastronomy, ranging from Chinese to French, from fast food chains to five star restaurants. Its night life is animated by thousands of bars, pubs, lounges, and discos which cater for a variety of music tastes and many are open all night.

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