• TRICOR GROUP: The First Step of Your Innovation

    TRICOR GROUP: The First Step of Your Innovation

    You must have heard the name of Mercedes Benz, BBC, and 20th Century Fox. They are considered big names in their respective industry. However, as famous as they are, they start from zero. Their names only become significant when popularity and investors come hand in hand. And they didn’t just come out of nothing, they are born from innovation!

    At least that’s the norm.

    In reality, everything is easier said than done. We know that a starter company is busy enough trying to get the company going. There are clients and the boards to please, staffs and employees to manage, and financial accounting that needs to be kept on track. So many things to be done all at once. It surely can be overwhelming that there is no time and space to sprout some creative innovation. Yet, a company just can’t walk around a point. It needs to move forward.

    That’s why there is Tricor to provide outsourced expertise that allows businessmen to concentrate more on building their business. Not only that two is better than one, but Trico’s experiences have proven their capability in assisting companies from start-up to Fortune 500 in managing their corporation. Tricor will help identify and create opportunities for key business improvements.

    Tricor Group is a business enabler that’s renowned for company formation, business services, and tax services. Their expertise doesn’t end there and expands to recruitment services, management consultation, and digital media consultation. Basically, Tricor offers any business and investor services for a better future for the client’s company.

    If you are interested in making a new company or re-establish a new office, Tricor offers to help you make a company formation. It includes help advising on the type of entity and the appropriatecorporate structure, and/or registration of entity according to legal requirements in Hong Kong or other overseas jurisdictions in which Tricor operates—and just for information, Tricor has total 37 offices in Hong Kong and overseas, including Singapore. So if the client, an established Hong Kong company formation, asked for Tricor’s expertise in establishing a new branch in Singapore, Tricor will gladly assist and gives advice on the appropriate corporate structure for a Singapore company formation.

    Then if it’s required, Tricor extends the service to business service, in which they provide support for business start-ups and development. For the details, Tricor assists in the company’s development of business plans and financial forecasts, and make a review and advise on internal controls. In some cases, Tricor also provides assistance in re-structuring or ceasing business operation. It’s not uncommon to see a business plan fails and it’s better to cease them before the damage gets bigger, and at that time, Tricor can assist and give advise on closing it down.

    So, now that the company has been established and business plans’ successfully managed, don’t forget to pay the tax to stay out of trouble with the government. Yet, this tax matter can be quite a headache that many companies often decide to neglect them until it becomes a problem. Don’t follow that example and call Tricor’s tax experts instead. Tricor’ tax experts offer acomprehensive range of tax advisory and compliance services, from carrying out tax due diligence to make lodging objections and holdover claims. 

    Start making innovation! Take your first step by contacting Tricor at (852) 2980 1888; (852)2861 0285; or at info@hk.tricorglobal.com.

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