• The Most Affordable Strongest Protection Case for Your iPhone X

    The Most Affordable Strongest Protection Case for Your iPhone X 

    On November 3rd, 2017, Apple Inc releases a new smartphone dubbed iPhone X in the commemoration of iPhone series’ tenth anniversary. As per usual, Apple's new release becomes high in demand as well as high in cost, sold for approximately £1000. Despite the expensive price, it doesn’t deter many people from joining the bandwagon of being the owner of the most cutting-edge, much-improved smartphone—and funnily enough, people actually get physicaloutside of San Francisco Apple Store to decide who is the first in aqueue line.

    So, what featuresthe £1000 smartphone has to offer? Aside from the Face Recognition, iPhone X is recognized by DisplayMate to have the best display, beating Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8. Unfortunately, while iPhone X definitely excels in water dunk test, they are branded as one of the most breakable smartphones yet. In the recording of SquareTrade’s durability test, it is shown that iPhone X instantly shatters at the first drop and immediately becomes unresponsive.

    Anyway, the release of iPhone X has given an opportunity for many companies to expand their business in the market. For examples are credit companies, internet data providers, and accessories manufacturers. In case of accessories manufacturers,in particular, the market for it has become a competitive one. Knowing the reputation of iPhone X, people are up for the task to find which case can protect iPhone X from the impact of the drop.

    Depending on the brand, the price for iPhone X casesmay range from $10 to $100. While iPhone X deserves the best protection because if it doesn’t get one you might as well spend more money in the service center, the most expensive case isn’t always the answer.

    In light of this,Jaagd introduces you, every iPhone X holder, to Jaagd’siPhone X Case—catering to your need for shockproof iPhone X Case. Currently, in stock with half-price, the item is the most popular product in store today. Design-wise, the case is ergonomic and very comfortable in hands. The iPhone X rugged case has precision cutouts and responsive buttons, so no more frustrating sticky buttons. It even has aslim profile and minimalistic design, though by no means it is slippery. In fact, the tacky and non-slip design makes sure the holder has solid grip without the unnecessary bulk. 

    So far we only describe the design of Jaagd ‘s iPhone X Case. Can this sophisticated case actually serve as a worthwhile protection for your phone? Stylish design isn’t enough to save our phone, you know!

    No, stylish design isn’t passable enough to fill the requirement to become, at least, decent bumper case iPhone X needed. Fortunately, Jaagd’siPhone X Case is as strong as it is stylish. In fact, Jaagd prioritizes the protection of your phone firstwithout sacrificing the design. Their products are durable, strong, and stylish—making it the best defender case iPhone X can have on the market at affordable price. One of the customer reviewsmentions that they had dropped their phone often times and it hadn’t cracked thanks to Jaagd’siPhone X Case.

    Interested? Then grab it fast. Don’t let your expensive iPhone shipped back for a service just after those struggles to get it home. You can get the item on Jaagd’s website or at Amazon.

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