• Peter Loftin: Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, a Man of Many Achievements

    Peter Loftin: Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, a Man of Many Achievements

    May 4th, 2018 – Peter Loftin is a self-made entrepreneur who has humble beginnings at the back of a small office in North Carolina.Currently known as a philanthropist alongside his predicate as a savvy, well-experiencedbusinessman, Mr. Loftin now pursues his interest in the realm of art as well.

    Peter Loftin is born in the Tar Heel State to Maree Nelson Loftin, then an elementary school teacher, and to Robert G. Loftin, a Korean War veteran. He started his career in the telecommunication industry. In 1983, he founded Raleigh, North Carolina-based Business Telecom Inc.(BTI), where he also served as the CEO of the company. Over the years, the company’s endeavor proved to be successful, thus allowing it to expand and was eventually recognized as one of the best telecommunications company in the country. As the number of employees steadily grew and the business expanded,Peter Loftin was eventually credited as the pioneer of flat-rate pricing in the telecommunication industry.

    For his tireless dedication and contribution to the business, Peter Loftin received numerous commendations and awards. In addition to the aforementioned credit as the one who pioneered the flat-rate pricing in the industry, Mr. Loftin received recognition as the “North Carolina’s Entrepreneur of the Year” by North Carolina magazine. He alongside his company is awarded “Corporate Citizen of the Year” by North Carolina Electronics and Information Technologies Association for accomplishing an outstanding feat: serving free internet access to the disabled in the rural schools in the entire North Carolina. Mr. Loftin’s accomplishmentsare publically recognized by James B. Hunt, now former Governor of North Carolina. As for the company, in 1999 the Business Telecom Inc. was ranked seventh nationwide in the competitive local exchange carriers with approximately $400 million in revenues by New Paradigm Resources, an independent research group.

    Other inclusion of his business venture was his acquisition of Casa Casuarina back in 2000. He successfully managed to restore and transform the property into a high-end boutique hotel and club, as well as a luxurious residential property. For your information, Casa Casuarina was once a home to Gianni Versace. Mr. Loftin later sold the property in 2013.In addition, Peter Loftin’s latest venture was in form of the largest whiskey distillery in the whole country. Named Bardstown Bourbon, this Kentucky-based distillery was part of a collaborative whiskey, bourbon, and rye distilling program.

    Summing up his business side, the most notable—and probably the most impressive thing—about Peter Loftin is that he manages to kickstarthis success from selling portable telephone.Mr. Loftin’s experience is a success story through and through.

    Evidenced by his particular accomplishment in being able to provide free internet access at the rural areas of the state,Peter Loftin also got himself heavily involved in the North Carolina’s community affairs.He is a man of charitable endeavors, having been contributing of the following organizations: American Red Cross (member of the Board of Governors), North Carolina’s Museum of Science, Oak Ranch Facility for Troubled Teens, and Police Athletic League.

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