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    Peter Loftin


    Peter Loftin has continually been involved with charities throughout his life. His philanthropy began with the creation of his own charity: Coats for Kids. The program facilitated the donation of winter coats from private citizens to distribute to children in need during the cold months of winter. Another personal charitable effort was the establishment of Camp BTI. As part of the Boys and Girls Club of America, the camp strives to create an environment where kids can learn, grow, and become productive citizens of their communities. He donated his time at the club in Atlanta, Georgia, and started a new league referred to as Loftin’s two on two. Peter Loftin also has given significant donations to Oak Ranch Facility, which provides troubled youth with a calm atmosphere to cope with life’s challenges. He also significantly donates to the Make-a-Wish Foundation and serves as the Co-chair of the Miami annual fundraising drive

    Aside from his work with organizations focused on helping children, Peter Loftin is involved with other charities that deal with a broad range of issues. Assisting with the recovery efforts after the September 11th terrorist attacks, Loftin arranged for Raleigh city officials to make a trip to New York City, visiting Ground Zero and the American Red Cross facilities at Chelsea Pier. While there, he handed over a million-dollar donation to the NYPD commissioner’s office. After Hurricane Floyd caused a wave of destruction in eastern North Carolina, Loftin sent multiple truckloads of supplies, which included water, diapers, and ice, to the affected area

    He has given large contributions to the BTI Center for the Performing Arts in Raleigh, North Carolina. In 1997, he was the single biggest donor to the major arts venue. The affinity for the arts also led to the purchase of Casa Casuarina in Miami, Florida. Peter Loftin developed the mansion, formerly owned by Gianni Versace, as a boutique hotel and private club in order to share its unique beauty with others. His involvement with the city of Miami also includes his current membership on the board for the Miami Beach Police Athletic League.

    Overall, Peter Loftin has donated over $10 million to various charities, medical centers, and museums. The ability to make large contributions to these various organizations was due to the success Peter Loftin enjoyed in the private sector. He founded Business Telecom Inc. (BTI) in 1983 and led the corporation to become one of the leading telecommunications companies in the United States. Named by Business North Carolina Magazine as the North Carolina Entrepreneur of the Year, Peter Loftin grew the company to over $400 million in revenues in 1999.


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