• Dapper Cleaners and Alterations: The Best Price for the Finest Quality

    Dapper Cleaners and Alterations: The Best Price for the Finest Quality

    January 17th, 2017 – Modern life is a busy life, which makes, for some people, doing the laundry and clothing one of the tasksthat can amount much to your accumulated stress of the day. Dapper Cleaners and Alterations offers you their best to help your busy life less messy by giving you their personalized cleaner and alteration services. Dapper Cleaners and Alterationsprovides personalized service of the highest quality without the high prices—all done in order to get 100% customer satisfaction. With decades of experience, Dapper Cleaners and Alterationsnever fails to provide second to none alteration and dry cleaner services in Mckinney, Texas.

    The Dapper Cleaners and Alterations offers dry cleaning, alterations, and specialty services such as leather cleaning, suede cleaning, wedding dress cleaning, men’s suit cleaning, coat cleaning, jacket cleaning, sweater cleaning, comforter cleaning, linens cleaning, blanket cleaning, and tablecloth cleaning. TheDapper Cleaners and Alterationson-site dry cleaning service in McKinney, Texasoffers premium quality service ataffordable prices. Every garment is carefully inspected upon arrival to identify problem areas and returned to you ready to help you look your best. The cleaning processes are state of the art and the Dapper is more than reliable to get the job done right. It’s part of the difference Dapper makes, which gives you thequality you can see and feel.

    Moreover, The Dapper gives you personalized, on-site alteration services in Mckinney that is unlike any other. The Dapperhas accumulated a great deal of ongoing experience with all kinds of alterations and tailoring, including tailoring men’s suits, altering wedding gowns, sewing patches, repairing garments and other items—all with expert precession and attention to fine details. The Dapper also provides quick turn around and fair prices.

    Aside fromdry cleaning, tailoring,andalterations, The Dapper accepts any specialty items which require an extra dose of care. The Dapper provides all you need to clean your fine linens, curtains or other delicate items with expert efficiency. Furthermore, other items like bedspreads, comforters, tablecloths are also on their to-do list. The Dapper also offersin-house repairs of clothing and fabric items if needed. When it comes to leather cleaning, The Dapper is the best at keeping leather garments and other goods looking their best. Whether your item is made of suede or leather, The Dapper will clean it and condition it beautifully.

    The Dapper is also specialized in stain removal. Stains can be tricky to handle, but over the years the Dapper has learned many useful tricks of the trade to deal with even the most stubborn stains.

    The other specialty service provided are wedding dress fitting, cleaning or preserving. Whether youneed your wedding dress fitted, cleaned or preserved, The Dapper provides the expert service you can count on to preserve the memories from your perfect day.And speaking of preserving memories, The Dapper also offers cleaning and/or repair of stuffed animals and toys so your childhood memories will last.

    So, if you need to keep your house clean and stress-free, feel free to contact us at (214) 305-5676 on Monday – Friday at 7:30 am to 7:00pm or Saturday at 8:00 am to 4:00 pm; or log on to dappercleaners.net for more information.



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